The Bahamas Going Islam!

If you know of my views on Islam you probably know that I view Islam as a two-tier threat. The first and most obvious one is the threat of violent jihadists. The second and most dangerous is what I like to call insidious Islam. In which Muslims gradually change non-Islamic countries to suit Islam. Done mostly within the law.

Unfortunately today we learn about another example of Muslims selfishly changing the world to suit Islam. In the vacation hotspot of the Bahamas.

Win a FREE Muslim family vacation in Bahamas (Ends Saturday)

Amin G. Aaser <>To:

Dec 26 at 10:02 AM


As Salaam Alaikum,

Can you imagine a picture-perfect vacation for Muslim families? We’re giving away 3x all-inclusive Muslim family vacations ($2,490 in value) over the next three days.

Husna, a world-renowned Muslim travel boutique, has booked the entire Breezes Resort and Spa for this once-in-a-lifetime getaway for Muslim families, including:

*All-halal, all-you-can-eat cuisine at five amazing restaurants
*Sister’s, brother’s, and family white-sand beaches for maximum comfort  Tons of land & sea adventures, such as jet skiing, golf, parasailing and kayaking
*Special Noor Kids children’s programs each day
*Sister’s yoga and snorkeling activities Shows and entertainment by esteemed guests, including Boonaa Mohammed

Alhumdulillah, we’re giving away 3x all-inclusive vacations ($2,490 value) to members of the Noor Kids community. 

We will be drawing a winner on Saturday, 12/29/18 at 11:59pm CST. If you have any questions, please let me know.

I look forward to seeing you and your family in the Bahamas, insha’Allah!

Jazakallah Khair,

Amin G. Aaser
Managing Director, Noor Kids
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As I have been saying. Islam cannot be defeated as long as it is respected as a religion. If the rules do not change. It is just a matter of time until the world falls to Islam. #BaHAMAS

3 comments for “The Bahamas Going Islam!

  1. David
    December 26, 2018 at 2:06 pm

    Well one bonus for being a sharia compliant muslim woman is the avoidance of need for sun block.

    You have identified a very good method which Muslims are using with great success. They’ve got themselves into positions of authority and influence and by using block votes they’ve elected themselves into government, this is a soft but effective jihad which leaves all of us in a very precarious position, unless left in checked, Islam will dominate our society, sadly our western governments are either in the pockets of Muslims or are hoping that appeasement will work, basically feeding the crocodile
    That will end up eating them.

    What I don’t think people have truly grasped or may not even be aware of, just as much as fighting in the cause of Allah (the true meaning of Jihad, which I can prove) delivers paradise, for a Muslim, so does leaving their home in the cause of Allah to spread Islam, Sura 4:100, ever wonder why Islamic migration is so high and why does the UN back global migration? Is it because of the influence by Muslims in the UN?

    • admin
      December 26, 2018 at 2:20 pm


      The pattern of attack is clear my friend. Yet our so called leaders do nothing about it. Even the so called conservative ones. Name the enemy or lose this war. Islam IS that enemy!

  2. Mueller
    December 26, 2018 at 2:10 pm

    Dear Muzzie at Bahamas,

    I’m looking forward to receive any available videos that you may have for my personal amusement where it shows an Islamic Walking Umbrella Jet Skiing, Golfing, Parasailing and Kayaking.

    Thanks for your review and consideration,

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