Sunday Night Live ~ Exposing Islam on The Last Stand Radio Show!

Newest radio appearance

Hello friends! I just wanted to give you a heads up that I will be reappearing on The Last Stand Radio Show tonight at 9EST! I will be chatting with the hard hitting hosts Brian and Ron, as we continue to expose the internal threat of Islam to the West.

The guest tonight has been on twice before. It is never a bad thing to bring him on. Chris Logan takes any and all comers in the religion of pieces. Many end up blocking him after calling him names and never answering his questions. He is one of the good guys that will never surrender. We are happy to have him back on with us.

Calls and questions from the chat are more than welcome during the show tonight. If we miss you question please direct message us through the chat.

The talk will include:

1. The new Logan’s Warning Muslim Wall of Shame page.

2. The still failing “moderate” Islam campaign.

3. The media’s role in leading us away from the truth.

4. What we can do in order to reverse things and actually win this war.

Plus more!

As usual anyone can call with any questions on Islam, and Muslims are especially encouraged to call. (646) 478-4654

The show can be listened to by clicking HERE.




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