The “Beauty” of Muslim Immigration ~ Australia

In the past I have posted numerous videos which show the harsh realities of Muslim immigration. Some examples of this were Belgium and the UK. Today we will take a look at more marauding Muslims in Australia, where they aggressively and violently take to the streets. Mark my words, if not stopped, Muslim immigration will be the death of western civilization. It is a Trojan Horse!

Hat tip to John Cox.


  • Michael C

    “Violent scenes have erupted” says the newsreader. This is part of the problem, the dishonest “neutral” terminology that makes the event abstract, instead of honestly headlining that muslims criminally attacked police.

    Dishonesty makes the problem worse.

    Call news reports to account.

  • shane

    ”Obama, we love osama” aren’t you glad you let so many violent freaks in your country? Maybe you should start thinking deportation en masse, hmmmm?

    • Brit in exile

      I’ll second that! OUT ALL MUSLIMS NOW !
      Out of every Western country, back home to some allah/mohammad /pedofile/fgm/rape worshipping country, back to your beloved primitive Sharia, injustice, poverty, and ENJOY ! You are WELCOME! Just Not here, we don’t want your allah or your stone age laws here ever.
      The sane people of the West.

    • rick

      Obama is a Muslim. So, he not only is happy with the breakdown of American society, it is his goal as to finish what 911 started. Taqqiya is a muslim policy which allows them to lie about their true religion in order to spread their desease into unknowing communities. To understand what they are doing requires understanding their religion, which is a driving force for their behaviros. Allah is NOT God, Allah is Lucifer.

  • Michael C

    Let us be quite clear what these “scenes” are – organised criminal attacks by muslims on the freedom of speech.

    They are part of the ongoing campaign to advance Sharia, “destroying Western civilisation” (“The Project“).

    These are not low-key minor irritations: they are serious direct attacks on democracy and the rule of law – as direct as a Luftwaffe raid.

    They will not go away: they are organised to occur again and again.

    Direct attacks call for direct and forceful defence. Where is it?

    Thus do Western politicians fail.

    • rick

      American Society is ‘kicking out God’ inorder which leaves the door open for Islam and Allah to replace Him, like a desease. Like a cancer. American problem is too many people, even those who want to restore America, even conservatives, are unwilling to stand up and stop them. I don’t mean violence, but we need a plan based on knowledge, vision, and organized action. That is how Republicans took the House in congress. Time to get up, and do what you can do to fix America.

  • Lee

    Hi, thanks for that. Have you seen “Today Tonight: Muslim forum – Parts 1-5″ on YouTube? (Part 4 from 2.27 – comment by Rebecca Kay is hilarious)

  • Michael C

    Translation is needed.
    The “protestors” are Soldiers of Allah on Jihad.
    They are imposing Sharia by force.
    This is commanded by Koran 8.39:
    “Fight the unbelievers and kill them until Islamic law is the only law”.
    The “protest” is an attack on democracy, free speech, and the rule of law.
    This organised attack is not isolated: it is part of Jihad, an ongoing obligation (Manual of Islamic Law o9.1).
    Soldiers of Allah do not do democracy.
    Man-made law is “anathema” to them (Anjem Choudary).

    The Australian police behaved excellently.
    It should not be they in the front line.
    This battle is a national matter, not a local one.

    When will the politicians wake up ?

    Oh Australia, Heed Logan’s Warning.

    • Issameto

      What a fake copying sir?!
      plz check this site If you don’t have any Islamic compound or Mosque.
      and please Read about Islam even if its terrorist religion as you westren ppl says Not all But most of them. Thank you

      • admin

        Islam condones terrorism (Koran verse 8:60, Y. Ali), and Mohammad said he was made victorious by it. (Sahih Bukhari).

      • admin

        Prove it is fake.

      • eib

        It’s not a “fake copying,” the man is entitled to his opinion, and entitled to write it here.
        Islam is profane.
        Mohammed is a false prophet.
        Your “Allah” is a demon.

        • rick

          The bible calls him prince of persia. He denies Christ as Son of GOD, making Allah Anti-Christ. We are seeing the Bible unfold and revelation becoming history.

      • rick

        Allah (also known as Lucifer, Satan, Beelzebub, Great Serpent, Prince of Persia) teaches hate and murder, uses deception and temptation. Muhammad, wrote it and modeled the life. Now Islam shows us the future.

  • Michael C

    “Destroying Western Civilisation from within” is one of the Muslim Brotherhood‘s “General Strategic Goals” (“The Project”).

    This “Civilisation-Jihad“ is what Australia is now experiencing.

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    • rick

      After reading the Quran Thomas Jefferson stated Islam must be stopped, at any cost. 200 years + later Muslims in American are growing in number, and Christians do not challenge them. We all need to get off our couches and do what we were made to do. We have to do our part.

  • Martel Sobieskey

    Muslim immigration must be immediately stopped. It is akin to invading cancer cells: they will kill their host. Those who advocate for Muslims immigration are hardcore enemies of the USA. They should be charged with sedition. Loganswarning deserves highest acclaim for warning about the toxicity of Muslim.

  • Kel-Tec KSG

    immigration to western (anglo) countries is ok, it will allow the rapid culling of this cult, the needed reduction is about 110%…

    they already self segregate and publicly prosthelytize…

    the people in Burma are giving a great lesson to the world, 57 member states in the OIC can receive all the muz that do not want to meet their well deserved fate in an infidel land.

    everybody join in and help eradicate pislam…

    lan astaslem you filthy kafir!!!

  • Chief_Cabioch

    this is all we need to know about islam

  • rick

    This is a great site. Yes, become educated and fully understand Islam roots, religion, and purpose. But, don’t stop there. Become active in resisting them.

    • admin

      Thanks Rick, and you are correct, just reading the site is not enough.

  • raj

    Truth about Islam… see this and

  • Broer

    Agree. I live as a minority in a country where muslims are dominant. Churches have been closed and burned, what more evidence do you need? I tell you, they are creeping slowly and then make an ambush.Tolerance to them will only make you weak. Make yourselves strong, show your strength, defend your values strongly. In my country, our strength is our economy. We are deprived from government office top position but we manage to build business of our own.

    • emmi

      Broer, wise words. Wishing you success and safety.

  • Mark

    I live in the uk at the moment but may return to Aus.
    In the uk we have a very diverse population Indians Chinese alsorts of cultures and religions but one stands out.
    Where ever it goes. Trouble follows. Come and see my local area and see how islam has NOT improved the local area.
    Trojan horse is an accurate description too many Muslims (not all) bring nothing but backward 3rd world values and crime.
    Multi race has to come we must all live in piece as equals but islam is a problem where ever it raises it ugly head.
    Many Many uk citizens leave the uk for Aus to get away from Islamification of Europe .I know of some people myself.
    Islam must change NOT the rest of the world.

    • admin

      Thanks for sharing that Mark. Hang in there mate, we are in this together!

  • Mark

    watch this on YouTube it says it all.

    why are we afraid a 1400 year secret. By Dr Bill

  • Matt Hooper

    Fairly easy Math problem. You allow Immigration and Student Visas to Islamic Nations and a certain percentage will be savage barbarians from hell. They will kill and maim the innocent as seen in Boston. Could have been hundreds dead. They will strike again of course. Much worse next time and the time after that. Conservatives will rise up to save the Country. A great struggle. A new Conservative President circa 2040 does what Bush should have done. He vaporizes Mecca and all hell breaks loose in WWIII. Muslims will fail in their quest and be welcomed nowhere on Earth but their own miserable backward countries, disarmed, defanged but ever present.