Rise of the Anti-Islam Campaign III ~ We STOP Mosques and we WIN! ~ Video

After years of reporting a lot of bad news, I love bringing my infidel teammates good news like this. No, scratch that. Make that great news! For years I have been calling for an end to Muslim immigration, and Mosque construction. Now with the war with Islam getting worse across the world, we once again see our infidel brothers and sisters pushing back. Tonight we are honored with the presence of the Law and Freedom Foundation. An organization that uses a lawful approach to stopping Mosque construction, and they are great at what they do!  Hopefully a sister organization of the L & F Foundation will be coming to America very soon.

I have also been saying in order for us to win this war, Islam itself needs to be targeted (within the law), and as you will see in the video below there are no delusions of Islam reforming.

Ladies and gentleman it is my pleasure to introduce Mr. Gavin Boby….

Finally, the tide is turning! If YOU need help stopping Mosque construction in your neighborhood, please click HERE for advice from the L & F Foundation.

  • Barry Soetoro THE MOSLEM

    If the victims of islam were more “islamophobic,” maybe they’d still be alive.

    • admin

      I knew it was you as soon as I saw the name. lol

  • erna

    cuda shuda wuda it be supa neat if commander in chief left a reply? In any case, yeah we have to become more islamophobic to stay alive and it makes perfect sense after one watches all the beheadings, stoneings, hangings,amputations ect.ect.ect. which the Islamist themselves tape and record and are proud of it.

  • http://Hats392.blogspot.com Chief_Cabioch

    this is the mentality of the people we are dealing with , caution adult language…


  • R.A. Bullseye

    Please come to America. Specifically Brooklyn N.Y.

  • http://americanpowerblog.blogspot.com/ Donald Douglas (@AmPowerBlog)

    Ya’ll are linked: ‘Why the Right Wing Blogosphere Doesn’t Cover Islam’.

    • admin

      Hi Donald!

      Thanks, I will return the favor tonight. Keep up the fight!

    • admin

      I added you to blogroll Donald.

  • kope

    Rise of the Anti-Islam Campaign III ~ We STOP Mosques and we WIN! ~ Video…

    islam is wining

    Only Judaism can defeat Islam!


    • Anna DeN

      Is this a contest? How about WE ALL FIGHT ISLAM?

      • kope

        your liberals will fight for us with you

  • christine

    Thank you God for Christopher and Gavin Boby!!This is great news. Chris, thank you for all you do.

    • admin

      You’re welcome friend! :)

  • Brit in exile

    WOW, I never knew this man existed ! I knew about the BFP (wonderful !) and a few others but what confidence this man inspires “We win” love it !!!
    A new British PM please ??
    I can almost, ouch..almost…. be proud to be British now even though I live abroad.Might even a return attempt .Oh, I might not (yet) be welcome, will not get a house, job (too “white and too Christian” as has befallen others I know personally ,they were also “too educated” and “middle-class”to qualify for work in GB this is true !) or benefits as I am not Somalian or some other Muslim lol.
    Go Gavin go ! Bless you !

  • emmi

    I think Gavin’s group have to pay out for some things when they oppose Planning Permission for a mosque,so they do need money. He informed me that they are all volunteers. I haven’t met him btw, just exchanged emails with him. Great guy.

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    • admin

      Thanks for pitching in!