• http://jeffjenkinsocala.blogspot.com/ Jeff Jenkins

    Thanks for filming those, Christopher! A friend of mine goes every week to witness to the homeless, and even allowed a homeless couple to live with him and his wife for a while until they found an apartment.

    • admin

      Hey JJ!

      My pleasure, and that’s great.

      Have a good weekend!

      • Indo

        Happy Easter to U too Christ… I’m sure more people will be aware of ur work and will support…GBU

        • admin

          Thank you Indo,

          Stay safe!

  • eib

    Christ our passover has been sacrificed for us.
    The power rests not with the warrior in victory, but with the risen Christ, the Son of God.
    Jesus Christ, whose name was Joshua in his own community, took on and overcame the sins of the world not through skill, but by his dual nature, human and divine.

  • http://TheReligionOfConquest.info Damon Whitsell

    Hi Chris, I appreciate you posting this and I wanted to tell that when people tell me that my talking about Islam is Christian bigotry, I tell them of non-Christians that are engaged in counter-jihad work,,, and your always one of them. THANKS BROTHER!

    • admin

      Hi Damon!

      Using their “logic”, Jews who were opposed to Nazism were “bigots”.

      Happy Easter to you and your family!

  • rui

    it should be done in major muzzie populated cities – right in their faces and in front of their mosques

    • eib

      I wouldn’t preach in front of a mosque, but I would on a public street.
      Of Islam, I say only three words– Islam is profane.
      That means it’s not holy.
      That means there’s nothing of God in it.
      And if Christians do not understand the differences between the sacred and the profane, then we’re in real trouble.
      If anything, Christians need to be preached to more than Muslims. A Christian who understands the integrity of the faith will remain Christian.
      An untaught Christian is an open door for Islam.

      • Indo

        Yes Please do Eib…God be with You.. Warmest fr Indonesia