NYC: Muslim Prayer Broadcast onto Streets~Videos

Last month I recorded the Islamic call to pray (adhan) being broadcast onto the streets from the Masjid At-Taqwa, located in Brooklyn. Yesterday I took it to the streets of Manhattan, and headed over to the Masjid ar-Rahman, located at 15 W29th St, for the 4:42 call to prayer. Muslims there took the Islamic encroachment one step further.

New York, NY, Usa Prayer Times
Prayer Schedule January / 2011
Date Day Fajr Sunrise Dhuhr Asr Maghrib Isha
1 Sat 5:58 7:20 12:00 2:21 4:39 6:01
2 Sun 5:59 7:20 12:00 2:22 4:40 6:02
3 Mon 5:59 7:20 12:01 2:23 4:41 6:03
4 Tue 5:59 7:20 12:01 2:24 4:42 6:04
5 Wed 5:59 7:20 12:02 2:25 4:43 6:05
6 Thu 5:59 7:20 12:02 2:26 4:44 6:06

At that time nothing happened, but several minutes later….

After over two minutes of recording, I decided to shut the camera off and take a walk to the corner. Where I saw the following.

Yes, Christians should not be happy about the encroachment of Islam taking place up the block. After taking these pictures, I figured I would walk back up past the Mosque, and play tourist by filming the surrounding area. But what do we still hear in the background?

Unfortunately they were not done, and I decided to take a seat on the staircase next to the Mosque.

Before leaving, I figured I would take a look at what was happening inside the Mosque. I wonder how many of them condemn Sharia Law….

What will the five boroughs be like if and when, all Mosques broadcast their prayers into the streets? Will it still feel like America, as we know it?

  • Gary Rumain

    Who ever you do, just don’t go around yodelling near them. That would be racist!

    • Robin Shadowes

      Bloody racket!! I wonder if NYC is going to become the future capital of PSA?

      • Gary Rumain


        • MikeTownsend

          Here is a real Public Service Announcement that should be broadcast everywhere!

          The man from Oklahoma who made this was arrested last Tuesday for exercising his First Amendment right to insult Islam.

          • admin

            Hi Mike,

            That sounds like something that would happen in the UK. Do you happen to know what he was charged with?


          • Connie

            Are you serious? What is the outcome of his arrest? This is nutz. well it appears the blaspheming law has gone into effect here in America. Or is it the hate crime law? What about freedom of speech?

          • MikeTownsend

            His name is Jesse Quinn from Tulsa, OK. Jesse also sent a letter to a mosque in Tulsa. Although Jesse states he made no threats of violence in the letter, the district atty is refusing to release the text of that letter. From the newspaper
            “According to the charges, Harrison is accused of sending a letter to the Islamic Peace Academy in Tulsa “with the intent to intimidate.”

            He also made a video that shows him “smearing pork on the Quran and an Islamic religious figure and grilling those items,” according to the charge.

            The charge states that the video was made to “produce violence directed to others because of their religious beliefs.”

            No one knows what the text of the letter is, but notice how it reads: “The charge states that the VIDEO…

            There is a campaign starting up to email the dist. atty Tim Harrison at asking him to release the text of the letter so one can see if indeed their was a threat to violence. My gut tells me there is not because they reference the “charge from the video.”

          • MikeTownsend

            I believe they are charging him under a hate crime law.

          • eib

            The case should be laughed out of court.
            If secular authorities enforce Islamic law, then we are truly an Islamic state.

          • Gary Rumain

            Mike, he should win if he fights it. I hope he gets everyone involved in helping him anyway (ACLU?).

            I’ve also put the video up on my blog. It should appear in 2 hours from now.

          • KTD

            Hey out there, read your history. so easy to rabble rouse, always some group to demonise.

      • PatriotUSA

        Maybe wander in with a BLT?
        Pot Bellied pet pig and sit
        down right outside entrance?

        • peace



          • admin

            I condemn this act, do you condemn Mohammad the terrorist? Are you implying that murders do not happen in Islamic countries? Do you have any idea what the Coptic Christians of Egypt are going through?

            Do you think that by posting that link I am going to back off on Islam? Not happening.

          • eib

            One act, one day, no 1400 years of history and hate behind it.
            False equivalency.
            Muslims are acting out of their religion, which is one of hatred.
            This was one mentally ill man.
            The only comparable point is that he, like every Muslim terrorist, has no future.

          • eib

            Are you implying that murders do not happen in Islamic countries?
            end quote.

            I’m sure that’s what he’s implying.
            As far as he’s concerned, Islam and he are both perfect.

          • admin

            I think “peace” is a female, but I agree she lives in the Islam is perfect fantasy.

          • eib

            In Muslim countries, the end of governance is indeed complete social and cultural control of the people.
            In the West, we understand that control is the objective only of tyranny and totalitarianism.
            It is psychologically better to be free to fall into error and be corrected.
            One can only believe so much in human nature when the law = reason.

    • KTD

      How sad to see such racial/religious hatred coming from New York. The peace emanating from the prayer meeting is in stark contrast to the frightening bias of Logan– not even his real name! Yeah its a pity no women at formal prayer but what’s new in organised religion?

      • admin

        Why don’t you explain what I am supposed to like about Islam, which calls for my dominance? Then you back up the rest of your comment with your proof. Your word mean nothing here.

  • Rose

    Incredible work, Chris.

    On another note, GaryR and friends, I could use some backup on the Batman story. I’m starting to get ganged-up upon. Thanks for anyone who has the time to go there and offer their views.

    • Gary Rumain

      I’ll help you.

      • Rose

        Thanks Gary! Thanks to anyone who might have the time to go over there!

        • Gary Rumain

          Everyone should also click on the “like” button for our comments so we look more popular than the libtards. 8)

          • Rose

            Gary, You are too great. I’m dying laughing here! Way to kick some ass!!! Oh yes, I added my “like” to everything I liked!!!:)

          • MikeTowsnend

            That is an insult. We are more popular!

          • Gary Rumain

            Mike, sorry, you are correct. Mea culpa.

          • Boots

            Went and tossed y’all some more “likes” this morning. Great job guys.

      • RichieRich

        Done! ( like the DC= dhimmi comics BTW)

        • Rose

          Thank you! But, yes, they are not counting “likes” anymore, which is typical of how the liberal media operates. If you give them a logical argument and back it up with proof, they revert to calling you a bigot and that’s their trump card. You’re just a bigot for not understanding that a thief should have his hand cut off or that a mooslum woman’s genitalia should be cut off to ensure her purity? Sick mofos!

          • Gary Rumain

            Rose, its a problem with Disqus.

            I notice you are using a guest account. I suggest you sign up with the same email address you’re using in the guest account. Disqus has a feature that lets you “reap” all the guest comments you’ve made with the same email address so that they belong to your registered account.

            Once you do that, you should be able to go back and redo your “likes” and they will stick.

    • Douglas Augustine

      I also helped with “like” clicks. I also posted a comment under the name “Pablo-a.”

      • Rose

        Freaking loved it! Go team!

        But some of my “likes” aren’t taking? Wonder if they’re starting to shut down any commentary that isn’t their viewpoint, which happens a lot on these sorts of issues. And the bigotry calling. I’m getting so sick of being called a bigot by the most intolerant people on this planet!!!

        • Gary Rumain

          Just jump in and call them nazis before they use it. That really irks libtards! 8)

    • Gary Rumain

      While on Nightrunner, I thought I’d have some more fun with it by posing a question here –

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  • ray

    Sharia law blesses Muslims for cutting off the hands and heads of any infidels (non-believers). Praise Allah!!! Is there any part of this you don’t understand????

    Submitted by a lowly infidel.

  • lisa

    WOW, I am paralized with shock right now…this is just no ok!

  • Ron

    Is disturbing the peace not against the law in N.Y.? Noise is noise man, so why in the world does islamic noise get a pass???

    • Gary Rumain

      I think you know why. They also block some streets in Manhattan to prey. There are some photos and videos here –

      • Anna

        I’m sure that ‘prey’ is no coincidence.
        I’ve been told that church bells drive the cultist pagans nuts.

        • Rose

          Yes, love it Gary! mooslums prey! And their unholy houses are places of warship! I refuse to use their words.

          • Gary Rumain

            Exactly. pislam deserves no respect while they show none to us kafirs.

        • Gary Rumain

          Of course. Prey was intended.

          As for church bells, I’m for them ringing as often as possible.

  • Robert Laity


  • Jeff

    Excerpt from an e-mail I received today:

    There’s been a terrible tragedy in Pakistan this week – the Muslim governor of the Punjab Province has been murdered by radical Islamists because he opposed the country’s oppressive Islamic blasphemy law.

    …Governor Salmaan Taseer was proclaimed an ”infidel” and murdered because he opposed a law widely recognized as a tool to persecute non-Muslims, especially Christians. We are seeing attacks and tragic deaths escalate across the Middle East of not just Christians, but anyone who opposes radical Islam.

    • Rose

      Jeff, The horros perpetrated in pisslam daily are just too much to keep up with, but yes, this has got to be one of the most chilling stories of the week.

  • Cheryl

    What that part of Brooklyn needs is a corner jazz musician.. playing at about that time. Alternatively, are boom boxes a thing of the past? What about having a need to play your favorite music on a boom box.. you know, while touristing about, taking in the sights.. at those times. Boy, I sure would.

    • RichieRich

      Those would be nice, but I can guarantee the musician and the person with the boombox would be taken in by the police immedietly!(or attacked by the Koranimals!)
      Islam is a religion of peace so get out of here before we kill you!


    Very simple solution; christian churches do the very same thing in every area that the fucken mooks do it; do it much louder. Christians have a right , still, to adopt a new approach to unite , and call to all christians the love of God! Then wait with their attorneys until they are told to stop, but the mooks can still be allowed.
    Bring these fucken scumbags to court in a legal battle. If we have to stop, so do they!
    Oh, and make our calling at the exact time that the mooks do theirs……’FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE”!!!!….oxnin

  • R.D.Post

    How ridiculous, obstructing the flow of AMERICAN LIFE. This must be stopped, the Muslims must ASSIMILATE or go back to where they came from; can’t they pray in a place like their mosque?

  • Another_Infidel

    As horribly annoying and repugnant as the so-called “prettiest sound on the earth at sunrise” is 5 or 6 times a day, what will happen when it’s not the adhan that’s broadcast but rather a “call to arms” telling muslims to go fight and kill the infidels or instructions on where to gather to wage jihad against the great satan and the kuffars? The broadcasts and commands will likely be spoken in whatever language is spoken by local muslims in the area where the mosque is located. The loudspeakers on mosques have been used for this purpose in other countries. Like a plague of the worst kind of vermin swarming over all the land, we’re next.

  • Another_Infidel

    Church bells are great and have their place but the churches need to step up and install their own loudspeakers and have their own “call to prayer” that just happens to coincide with the noise coming from the mosque down the street. The church or the churches could play the “Ave Maria”, “Handel’s Messiah”, “The Hallelujah Chorus” by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, etc., all as their own “call to prayer”. Should bring the issue to some kind of a head pretty quickly.

  • Skipping Girl

    Get rid of them all.

    You need to make more noise than they do.

    Get in their faces like they are in yours.

    Show no respect just like you would be shown in an Islamic country if you tried to pray or build a church in the street.
    Your tolerance is seen as weakness.Wake up. They are trying to destroy everything you have.

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  • eib

    With prayer in the streets, Muslims are re-producing a culture that exists in the Middle East in the West.
    They’re trying to make the West look like where they came from.
    That is the objective of the calls to prayer, the prayer in the streets, and the terroristic behavior.
    This is how Muslims, once they conquered in the early Middle Ages, intimidated subject populations.

  • eib

    Muslims are terrorists because they use fear to produce submission. Terror is not the appendage of Islam, it is its very heart.

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    • admin

      Thanks for the reposts!

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    • admin

      Thanks for the repost!

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  • steve

    I wonder what would happen if prayer for our Country to God through Jesus Christ were broadcast over a loud speaker system? Read Colossians 3:17; 1 John 5:14; John 14:6.

    • admin

      Go for it!

  • emmi

    What would happen if pop music were allowed to be blasted at the same decibel level?