Muslim Visits Logans Warning, Tells me to lay Down and Die!

I guess there really is no rest for the wicked. Even on Father’s Day, a Muslim has to drop another threat on my site.

Ahmed Said Hussein 2010/06/20 at 7:23 am

Praise be to Allah, the infidel shall be destroyed, expunged from this earth and bannished from our language.

The homosexual shall be gone.
The christian shall be gone.
The jew shall be gone.
The great satan of the west is already fallen you just dont know it yet. Do yourself favor lay down and die. You are just unfortunate footnote in embarasing history of infidel, soon to be forgotten.
Allahu akbar!
Allahu akbar!
Allahu akbar!

Ahemd, if the West is so bad why are you here? I have no plan on laying down and dying for you, or any other Muslim. Now what will you do?

Here is where this fun loving Muslim is posting from. IP address location & more:
IP address [?]: [Copy][Whois] [Reverse IP]
IP country code: SE
IP address country: Sweden
IP address state: Vasternorrlands Lan
IP address city: Sundsvall

IP address latitude: 62.3833
IP address longitude: 17.3000
ISP of this IP [?]: ServerConnect Sweden AB
Organization: Radshuset
Local time in Sweden: 2010-06-20 16:33

  • Gary Rumain

    Ah, another arselifting parasite sucking on the welfare teat.

    But tell me Chris, how do you manage to attract all these loons?

    • admin

      Lol! I have no idea.

      I just sent him this email.

      Hey Ahmed,

      Why do you hate non-Muslims so much? Isn’t Islam supposed to be a religion of peace, or is that just a big lie?

      Muslim Visits Logans Warning, Tells me to lay Down and Die!


      • Maria

        I looked by the white pages in Sundsvall, Sweden.
        Tjee there are living a lot of them in Sundsvall, but I could not find the exact name of Ahmed Saul Hussein.
        May be you want to look yourself.

        • Gary Rumain

          He’s probably using his parent’s account.

          • jpeditor

            “He’s probably using A SWISS GOVT account.”

            /fixed it

            Europe is almost lost.

        • admin

          I sent him an email, but he never responded.

      • Gary Rumain

        Some people have all the luck.

        I’m still waiting for them to discover mine so I can poke fun at them.

      • refuse2lose

        Hey,let me know what his email is,I want to invite him to our next amateur MMA event here in Norfolk Virginia..All I want is 12 minutes in the octagon with this guy….he will definitely be calling for his Allah when I’m done with him.

        • Gary Rumain

          LOL! Praise the Lord!

        • Robin Shadowes

          Make him squeal like a pig! LMAO

      • Peace.

        Asalam Alaikum (peace and greetings to you),

        In my personal opinion it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the extreme lack of context that you have manipulated in your comments and the image displayed. The world Islam itself its the literal translation of “peace”. Please do not take a silly comment that one individual has said and try applying your view of them to the entire muslim society.

        Islam is the FASTEST growing religion in the world and there are many reasons why. You are simply being educated in the wrong way by the media, movies, propaganda, biased sites, racist environment, etc.

        My motive in this reply is not to create an argument, it is to stand up and say that your perception of us is inaccurate and completely wrong. If you really want to know the truth about religion then try reading the Quran. I guarantee you your mind will change. But if you want to continue being ignorant and assume that millions of muslims across the world are “terrorists” because one guy says something bad to you that’s your choice.

        Please open your eyes and see the truth in something for once. Take care of yourself and Happy Ramadan (a holy month in the Islamic calander).

        Peace be upon you and may you be guided to the truth.

        • Gary Rumain

          Your takiya isn’t fooling anyone. pislam means submission.

        • admin

          The prove me wrong on your next post. If you do not, you will be banned, as I will not waste time in a circular conversation with you.

          We do not care how fast Islam is growing, we will always oppose it.

          • Mohamed

            Islam is a peaceful religion. Islam will be the only religion that will stand here after.!!!

          • admin

            Islam calls for the dominance over non-Muslims, while allowing slavery and amputations. That is not peaceful. Stop being such an Islamobot….

          • Reverand Dan

            Mohamed – there is nothing peaceful about the EVIL CULT of islam. You fool yourself thinking islam will be the last religion standing

          • New Crusader

            You always know where to find a mosque, just follow the dead bodies.

            Allah U Demon

        • mark

          Take away the high birth rate and the fact that one born into that religion is automatically Muslim, and the fastest growing religion claim goes away.
          Let Christians preach freely in Muslim countries as Muslims do in the West, and we’ll see.

          The sad fact is there ARE many Muslims who are filled with hate. And that’s the truth. I personally know people who have been tortured for becoming Christians. Seen any Christians tortured for becoming Muslims?

        • desertscout

          Ramadan, the Kaaba, the black meteor stone, the snuffing of the zam zam water and many of the other rituals surrounding the Hajj are pagan, and Islam is nothing more than repackaged Arabian paganism, much of which was adapted from other Middle Eastern cultures. There is nothing new or original in Islam. It is in reality just more of the same old demon inspired paganism, just repackaged to appear as a monotheistic religion.

          As far as Islam as being the fastest growing religion in the world, Muslims in North Africa and in other parts of the ME are leaving Islam in droves. If this wasn’t the case then why was a sixty million dollar fatwa place upon the Coptic cleric, Zakaria Botros??? Why, because he (along with other brave clerics) is/are instrumental in leading thousands out of the darkness of Islam (the religion of no hope, no true deity, no true prophets or prophecy, no salvation, extremely faulty and flawed religious texts, and no eternal security) into the light of the true Messiah. As many are being led by blind guides into the front door of Islam, many more are leaving by other methods which, fulfills the promise to Abraham for the children of the illegitimate son, Ishmael. Since many times these former Muslims are leaving the darkness of Islam in Islamic countries, they also are subjected to Islamic persecution and at times, death. Such is the religion of the fallen!!! Islamic light, only means darkness to the souls of those who choose to follow HaShem. HaShem will judge allah and his minions in the end. We are taught in the Tanach not to fear false prophets who come preaching false deities. Islam fulfills these warnings and then some. Happy Ramadan??? Have fun during your pagan festival; I choose to learn to keep those given to Moshe at Sinai!!!

        • Islam not Salam

          I’m sick and tired from Muslims around the world telling us the word Islam mean Peace!!?!?!..

          the word Islam mean Surrender… and this word could have two meaning.. Surrender to God or surrender to the religeon of Islam..

          Peace in Arabic called Salam not Islam…

          • admin

            Welcome to the site!

  • Roger Anderson

    The battle for freedom is an ongoing battle with no rest for the warriors supporting it.

    Ahmed, I have read the last page of the book and you and your god lose.

    • admin

      Hi Roger,

      Fighting Islam is a full time job.

  • ChrisLA

    The one thing Muslims excel at is making Islam more and more reprehensible to non-Muslims. Prior to Muhammad’s mission, there was an inscription in the Ka’ba that was reported in Ibn Ishaq’s “Life of Muhammad” (Para. 125) “He that soweth good shall reap joy; he that soweth evil shall reap sorrow; can you do evil and be rewarded with good? Nay, as grapes cannot be gathered from thorns.” Of course, Muhammad cleared the Ka’ba of this inscription and developed an ideology that praised terrorism and hatred toward non-Muslims. His followers have been reaping sorrow ever since.

    • admin

      Hey Chris,

      Thanks for the info, have a great day!

  • Koala Bear

    At least they are all reading these sites these days. The rage in their emails proves how many people are leaving islam and they know it. Hee hee. Great isn’t it.

  • Neocrusader181

    We will never lay down and die!

  • aerialcat

    Sounds like positive feed-back to me, you are clearly getting to them, and it causes them to drop the veil (only the metaphorical one, not the women’s) and show their true hearts, rather than the usual rhetoric of smarmy mullahs, expousing ‘peace love & understanding’… Well done.

    • Gary Rumain

      Yes, they don’t even drop the veil to eat spaghetti. There’s a video of them doing that which will make you laugh (or puke) if you see it.

      • aerialcat

        WTF do they do, suck it through the little holes?

        • Gary Rumain

          I’ll have to find the video and put it up on my site. Its hilarious!

          • Bikecam

            Here’s the link to the spaghetti video –


          • Gary Rumain

            Thanks but I’ve already found it and put it up.

          • Ann-Marie

            That just has to be a joke! It cannot be real, it’s just too gross and ridiculous.

    • admin

      Thanks AC!

  • john ruberto

    Any word on the pedo false prophet

  • Koala Bear

    Funny how he said “The homosexual shall be gone”. He should admit how many muslim men are gay lol. No access to women and lots of hormones it is not surprising they play with the same sex people.

    • Robin Shadowes

      They only count those on the receiving end of the stick as homersexuals. That’s pislamic logic in a nutshell.

  • Robin Shadowes

    I noticed that the nutty arselifters IP was coming from my country. However, I doubt that he was a real swede depending on his lousy english if that is any consolation for you. More likely he is one of those numerous imported arselifters. Sundsvall, never been there myself but it is located on the east coast, a bit above mid-Sweden. I have to check out how culturally enrich that town really is. The whole or maybe most of town burned down in the late 19th century, in a time when most buildings where made of wood. If they have plenty of arselifters, perhaps they will experience the town burn down once more. We all know how they love to play with fire.

    • Robin Shadowes


    • Gary Rumain

      They say history repeats. Let’s hope it does.

      • Ann-Marie

        Come on Gary, that’s not nice. We don’t want the whole town to burn down. It would be an added burden on the taxpayers. And the Swedes certainly don’t need that…

        • Gary Rumain

          Yes, the arselifters will just move on and infest somewhere else.

  • PatriotUSA

    I take this as a compliment that you are
    doing the right thing, here CL. Muslims
    and Islam and to be the nastiest and
    loudest to get their way. Bunch of stone
    age retards.

    PIGS and DOGS are so much smarter than
    these barbaric goons. No wonder they hate

    Keep it up CL, and NEVER give an inch
    to the f–kheads of perversion and

    • admin

      Will do bro!

  • Maria

    Well since you know the town in Sweden, may be you can find his phone number and give him a piece of your mind.
    I have Vonage, so calling for me overseas is cheap, since I call there a lot.
    Just for the heck of it I will see if I can find his phone number and give him a piece of my mind.
    I never understand that these people want to come to the West and than scream and yell.
    Can you imagine what would happen to us when we would do that in their country.
    Big Time Jail Time, torture for being impolite to the values of their country.
    That would be your welcome in Allah land.

    • paal holden

      hi Chris. i am living in Norway, the country next to Sweden. We have the same problem here like the swedes do. But even more muslims want to come here, since we have a lot of money. Sweden don´t.
      I have checked with the swedish information, and I suppose Ahmed Hussain is not registered. Not surprising actually. Many living in Scandinavia without that the government knowing.

      • admin

        Hi Paal,

        The problem in America is getting worse all the time, and this is a fight for all non-Muslims of the West to unite on. Thanks for taking the time to do that, and good luck.

        Bring back that Viking spirit!

      • Robin Shadowes

        Yep, he could be one of the many illegal aliens we have. One of those who in the orwellian newspeak is labelled as “alone coming refugee children” or as they are more commonly known on the free blogs, alone coming bearded refugee children.

  • iggs

    Why wouldn’t they spew their vile hatred on Father’s Day? They feel no love for one another, no honor, which is why they hate everyone else too. Vile hatefilled people those muzzies.

  • Buck

    Isn’t it nice to know that when he dies, all 72 of those virgins, are really guys.

    What the hell type of religion is based on a reward of sex?

    Religion of peace my ass, I wish they would learn to actually read their koran instead of waiting for some “Iman” to do it for them and then interpert it so they could understand it.

    • Gary Rumain

      No they all look like Helen Thomas! ;-)

      • aerialcat

        The vision I liked most was a photo with a bunch of Roman Catholic nuns in full fig, all holding rifles, with the caption ‘not the virgins you expected?’

        • Robin Shadowes

          I suppose you mean this one?

          • aerialcat

            Kinda brings a tear to your eye, don’t it?

          • Gary Rumain


            We’ll have nun of that here!

      • Robin Shadowes


      • Ann-Marie


  • Chief_Cabioch

    I am wondering if these Idiots have ANY Idea there are 190,000 Legally Registered Machine Guns in America,……not counting Rifles, Shotguns, and hand guns……’s no wonder these Morons live in the desert and use camel poop to heat dinner…..

    • aerialcat

      “I would never invade America, there would be a gun behind every blade of grass”

      Isokuro Yamamoto

      • eib

        Unlike the Jihadia, the good admiral was thoroughly schooled in Western Civilization.

  • Chief_Cabioch

    ahmed….your brother is on TV……

    • Ann-Marie

      My favorite!

  • sifter

    Yeah, well that pic of him sure looks like a Religion of Peacefulness!

    Looks like that same infamous genius holding the poster inscribed with ‘Kill All Juice!’

    heh heh heh.. education isn’t their forte, now, is it…. ( does he mean apple, or just grapefruit) :)

    • Gary Rumain


  • Chief_Cabioch

    Isokuro Yamamoto, no ones ever accused muslims of being either smart, brave or anything good really, why else do they Kill Innocents and hide behind Women and run to Mosques when faced with Americans ?

    there is nothing but Hate in these people, even for each other, when that aren’t rallying against Jews or Americans or Christians it Shiite’s vs Sunni vs who ever ……what a bunch of Morons… on a sand pile heating dinner with Camel shit….I bet that’s gotta add some flavor someplace…., and every time you help One, they turn on you….EVERY single Time…..

    • admin

      In the end Afghanistan, and Iraq will turn on us as well.

  • kip

    This douchebag is hiding behind a TOR proxy. I should know because I’m on TOR and this is the IP address the start page said I’m using.

    • admin

      Thanks kip.

  • eib

    Get the hell out of Sweden, self righteous Ahmed.

  • http://yahoo valeriemize

    wh with the miss understanding they are gud in all in all people some are bad some are gud

    • admin

      Please come back when you would like to actually address the issue.

      Thank you.

  • muslim

    why are you hate me?????
    if i am a evil man
    you should have a clear evedence
    know alot about us
    so i invite you to a sample talk
    with me

    • eib

      Clear evidence?
      The Quran is clear evidence that the Ummah has genocidal intentions, and that those who are more peaceful cover the tracks of those who do the butchering.
      Who are we?
      Who are we?
      We are Westerners!
      We are Christians!
      You will have to kill every last one of us to bring on your “last day.”
      You will be damned for all time by your actions if you do!
      We will not submit.
      I will die the child of Christ– as I was baptized a child of Christ.
      The Son of God. Always.

    • admin

      Talking to you does not change what Islam is. Also Muslims lie like there is no tomorrow.

  • Guest

    What response do you expect from brainless, spineless muzzrats? The Jews screwed up, they tried for decades now to deal with the followers of the paedophile Mohammed as if they were humans capable of being rational and reasonable. That is impossible for muzzrats to do, if one is going to be a Mohammedean, and let’s be honest, they worship that murdering, raping, child molestor, not the God of Judaism or Christianity.

    • admin

      No Muslim will condemn any of the vile actions of Mohammad.

  • ssgncng

    What response do you expect from brainless, spineless muzzrats? The Jews screwed up, they tried for decades now to deal with the followers of the paedophile Mohammed as if they were humans capable of being rational and reasonable. That is impossible for muzzrats to do, if one is going to be a Mohammedean, and let’s be honest, they worship that murdering, raping, child molestor, not the God of Judaism or Christianity, one cannot be concerned with peace, love, or tolerance. Islam is Nazism with a few theological trappings thrown on it. It is a religion founded upon the basis, the rock, of hatred and the Jews are the first target.