Mosul Iraq: Muslims on Christian Killing Spree~ Video

 Just like we see the persecution of Christians continuing across the rest of the Islamic world, it is still happening in Iraq. As I have been saying, the infidel does not get to go into the Islamic world and dictate to Muslims what Islam is. Watch as one city has armed themselves in order to go to Church. If our government was truly about freedom, and not about Islamic ass kissing, they would be demanding that the Iraqi government do something about this.

  • Gary Rumain

    And, as to be expected, Christian females in Iraq get the worst of it!

  • Tonto

    my only question is: "When are Christians going to begin to fight back?" I've about had it with hearing Christian body counts from muz attacks. I want to see some muz blood on the ground for a change.

    • Robin Shadowes

      Yes, I'm tired of seeing only westerners bleed. The muz has sown the seeds of storm all over the west. It is about time they reap the whirlwind.

  • Mike Elmore

    I have been saying it for a long time. Until the Vantican gets off its do good ass nothing is going to happen. Christian belief now days will not allow it to be critical of another religion even if it's out to destroy it.. This coming from a Catholic who has had this conversation with priests many times. For some reason the church feels it doen't have the right to judge. might have something to do with some of its stupid choices the last few years..elmore

    • ChristopherL

      I do not understand how a person can consider themself a Christian, and not stand up for Christianity. It is just gutless to me.

      This Church gets it.

      The Real Islam~Video by Pastor Terry Jones

      • Mike Elmore

        that's the kind of Christianity it's going to take, just like the good old day, where is Charlies the Hammer Martil when we need him?

  • Madge Petron

    I love youtube but it can have some bad things on it. Like with copyright and stuff.

  • Hershel Marchuk

    Jesus is awesome worship him!

  • studying bible

    One more helpful article from your weblog :) When will it stop….ideally never

  • sakhawat

    i am a fundamenttalists. feel prad

    • Gary Rumain

      I see that fact hasn’t helped you with your spelling.