Iraqi Archbishop: Christians, Tired of Waiting, Will Leave Country

The recent persecution of Christians in Muslim majority countries is not just limited to Algeria, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Nigeria. It is happening in Iraq also, and “moderate” Islam is not coming to the rescue. To avoid this from happening in non-Islamic countries in the future, we must put an end to all Muslim immigration.

Iraqi archbishop: Christians, tired of waiting, will leave country
By Catholic News Service

LONDON – An Iraqi archbishop has predicted a new wave of emigration from Iraq involving Christians who have tired of waiting for their situation to improve.

Chaldean Catholic Archbishop Louis Sako of Kirkuk said many Christians taking refuge in northern Iraq were determined “to leave the country for good” after concluding that, nearly seven years after the invasion of Iraq by a U.S.-led coalition, it was still unsafe to return to their homes in the South.

He told the British branch of Aid to the Church in Need, a charity set up to help suffering and persecuted Christians, that a lack of jobs and services in the Kurdish north would speed emigration.

In a Jan. 6 statement issued by the charity, Archbishop Sako said: “In Kurdistan, the security is quite good, but there are no jobs, no services and facilities in the new villages built by the Kurdish government.

“Therefore many families are leaving the country for good,” he said.

“In years gone by, Christians left their houses and property and reached a secure area in the hope of being back soon,” the archbishop said, adding “They want to be settled.

“They have no jobs, no schools and they have big problems with the language. There are no services – electricity, potable water, infrastructure are their problems.”

According to Aid to the Church in Need, the Christian population in Iraq has dropped from 1.4 million in 1987 to barely 300,000 today, with many fleeing terror attacks and persecution after the ousting of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

Over the Christmas season Christians were subjected to attacks, and security fears led Archbishop Sako to cancel Christmas Masses in Kirkuk.

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4 comments for “Iraqi Archbishop: Christians, Tired of Waiting, Will Leave Country

  1. Bobba Looga
    January 24, 2010 at 9:34 am

    It is too late to stop immigration.Millions have already infiltrated Our Countries!!!109 "verses"in quran advocate and encourage Jihad.Soon We wil be fighting in the streets of GB and the USA.And the rest of Europe!!!Bring on your mahdi,you will all be Dung on the Ground!!!

    • January 24, 2010 at 9:51 am

      We still need to end it, as the less of them here the better.

  2. January 24, 2010 at 10:39 am

    When Christians were of greater number they should have done something. I know – shoulda/coulda/woulda. But this is just one tiny example of people's ancestors falling for the pure crap that Islam is peaceful and mean you no harm. And the christians just tolerating them as the violence grew, and then ultimately accepting dhimmitude. What they did by insisting on ignorance was to condemn their kids to eternal war.

    Ok, so these people run away. One day there won't be anywhere to run. We got way too many Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, etc who are still thinking that appeasing this junk religion will pave the way to peace.

    I know I keep working on educating our public but the pure idiocy of our religious – and political – leaders is just mind boggling. I see the Pope as next to useless. He could be making sure that the Church is more informed about Islam and how dangerous it is to all of us. Instead mixed messages come out of the Vatican – kiss a Koran, the Catechism associating Islam with Abrahamic, and all the usual B.S.

    • January 24, 2010 at 10:44 am

      Great post R-not! One day there will be nowhere to run and the Vatican is part of the problem. They should have an army of Christians out on a 24 hour a day mission educating people to threat of Islam and how Islam calls for the destruction of Christianity.

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